Who Are OneGoodCook?

Alan grew up in Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and Carly grew up in Simi Valley, California. We met in Belfast in 2009, it was great, we got married, and we moved to Edinburgh in early 2015.


We both loved to cook (and eat!) before we met, but we really enjoy cooking together - you can often find us spending a Saturday night in the kitchen with some great ingredients and a bottle of wine. It became a kind of running joke that we were each pretty alright at our respective culinary strengths, but when we came together we became one pretty damn good cook. 


We love simple, delicious, food. We tend toward dishes featuring real, high quality, sustainable, ethically-produced, and seasonal ingredients.  


We love getting ingredients from our local farmers' markets, where we have our favorite farm shops with seasonal produce and favorite butchers supplying incredible heritage breed meats, which support local biodiversity.


We've traveled in over 25 countries and regularly bring back tools and spices from the places we visit - you'll find that many of our recipes are inspired by all of the flavors we've encountered around the world.

Hope you enjoy!

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